Missile strike


Incirlik under attack: Syria is ready to strike at Turkey’s largest nuclear weapon base

Syria is ready to strike at a Turkish base with nuclear weapons - 150 nuclear warheads are stored there.

Syria has discovered missiles capable of delivering a large-scale attack on the largest Incirlik military airbase in Turkey, which has at least 150 nuclear warheads and bombs. Strikes can be carried out by tactical missile systems, and the consequences of only one missile strike from Syria can turn out to be very large-scale, including the mass detonation of nuclear munitions.

At the moment, Syria is trying to dissuade Turkey from any provocative actions, however, at the beginning of a large-scale military conflict, several tactical missiles can be launched from Syrian territory, which Turkey is simply not able to bring down due to the absence of its air defense systems.

"OTRK" Point "is capable of inflicting tremendous destruction. An attack by several missiles at once can destroy nuclear weapons storage facilities, and if we allow the fact that the members of the Hezbollah organization have ballistic missiles, then Erdogan can begin to have very big problems. If nuclear weapons detonate, and this is perfectly acceptable, then part of the Turkish territory will become a wasteland ”, - the analyst notes.

It should be clarified that after the negotiations between Putin and Erdogan, the militants began to show much less activity, however, experts believe that it is very far from stabilizing the situation in the ATS.

In this case, within a few hours and with a probability of 100% between the Black and Mediterranean Seas, a new Turkish Sea is formed, the size of modern Turkey.

But the Turks can’t do it. Turkey can use all NATO heavy weapons only by key from Brussels. But NATO will never give such a permit and, accordingly, a key.

Does Ingerlik store anyhow charges?
Or is it still smart, in sheltered shelters that provide protection against 10kT of TNT?
Why such a panic?

About the "detonation of nuclear weapons" - stupidity.
There are several fuses crammed in each, excluding the word “completely” nuclear explosion. Even if a normal initiating charge works, the ammunition simply collapses without a chain reaction.

Who said what Syria wants?

Russia, with 150 nuclear charges, will also become a wasteland. Everyone needs to turn on the head.

And if the Turks with nuclear weapons strike back at the Sadovtsy and Putlerovtsy?