Syria wants to replace Russian S-300 air defense systems with Chinese HQ-9 air defense systems

Syria may buy Chinese air defense systems HQ-9 instead of the idle Russian C-300.

A number of Syrian sources report that Syria has begun negotiations with China regarding the purchase of Chinese air defense systems HQ-9 (according to other sources - HQ-22) instead of Russian air defense systems S-300 (or as an addition to them), which so far which showed zero effectiveness in repelling Israeli attacks.

The source points to the fact that at the moment the negotiations concern the gratuitous supply of Chinese air defense systems to Syria, however, at the same time, the acquisition of these anti-aircraft missile systems is not excluded. The reason for the negotiations is the impossibility of using Russian C-300, since the latter is controlled by the Russian military, however, there are other reasons, in particular, official Damascus intends to deploy Chinese HQ-9 throughout Syria, thereby completely covering the airspace over the territory of the country.

It should be clarified that the information on this subject is partially confirmed by Damascus’s request for Beijing to provide various weapons capable of ensuring security in the territory of the Arab Republic.

After the complete failure of the US air defense system upon impact of IRAN, they again pulled out this nonsense ...

In fact, Russian C-300 were purchased for Beijing’s air defense, although China itself rivets C-300 clones for sale on the international arms market (it’s not a fact that, under a license, it’s rather stolen!)

What do you star ... sang Israeli. They taught the Syrian pilots not in capyar, but in Yangaj ... we trained with them in Ashuluk, they worked normally. And in general, fairy tales about the "Arab bad warriors" .... these are fairy tales no worse and no better than others. If in our headquarters there were not so many adherents of Israel, it is not known what the results of the wars would be ...

They do not need to buy equipment, but normal soldiers. Arabs and weapons are incompatible.


You need it, a bomb will fall on your head and krants

Yes, Russia doesn’t have to shoot anyone down, you just need to sit down instead of the Syrian mediocrity and shoot instead, and I once taught them in Kapyar and I know that they are mediocre, and no one else will blather about the bad Russian weapons, otherwise we always have concerns then regrets. And so the Syrians destroyed them and everything is fine.

Rather SECOND !!! It . as I understand . PRC Promotion !!!

The author, you can see that the thought never came, and from which side should Russia bring down someone? Are we fighting with Israel or shelling our bases? You write about what you have no idea.