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Syria retaliates with missile strikes against Israel for the first time in years

Syria has joined in the launching of missile strikes on Israeli territory.

The news agency has information that a few hours ago, at least three missiles with a range of at least 50 kilometers were fired from Syria into Israel. It is known that one of the three missiles exploded after flying only a few kilometers, however, two more missiles successfully struck Israeli territory, overcoming the defense lines of air defense systems.

“Three rockets were fired at Israeli territory from Syria. The Tseva Adom warning system did not work. One of the three missiles exploded on Syrian territory. An organization called the Palestine Liberation Battalions claimed responsibility for shelling Israel from Syrian territory. "- said in the message.

It is noteworthy that an Iranian cargo plane arrived in Syria a few days ago, which, as expected, could well deliver missiles and attack drones to the Arab Republic.

The rocket fire itself on Israeli territory was successfully fired from Syria for the first time in several years, while there is evidence that the attack is connected with the fact that a few hours ago the Israeli military attacked the territory of Syria, as a result of which one person died.

So Netanyahu's reply came. He can not always bomb. You have to answer for everything. He has become insolent lately, felt patronage from the United States and thrashed rockets right and left, well, now he is being hammered from both the right and the left.

Syria was baked

They dreamed, but the dream was so sweet that it seemed to many a reality.