Zrpk shell


Syria handed over the army of Haftar ZRPK "Shell-S" and SAM "Buk-M2E"

In the arsenal of the Libyan National Army, a unique Russian armament arrived from Syria.

According to a number of sources, as part of the assistance to the Libyan National Army, led by Khalifa Haftar, Syria transferred its air defense systems to the arsenal of this country, which are currently not being used. We are talking about the Panzir-S and Buk-M2E air defense systems that were previously delivered to the Arab Republic — both systems have established themselves as Turkish drones.

According to the South Front news publication, on July 12, 2020, the Syrian National Army, in support of the Libyan National Army, transferred its Pantsir-S air defense systems to the country's arsenal.

“On July 12, Libyan activists shared videos and photos showing a military convoy consisting of several trucks and at least one Pantsir-S1 air defense system heading for the coastal city of Sirte. Spokesman for the Government of National Accord in the Region, Brig. Abdul Hadi Draa confirmed that the Shell-C1 systems and other weapons were deployed at Sirte Airport on July 11th. The Pantsir-C1 system shown in the video and photographs has a KAMAZ-6560 8 × 8 base. This means that it did not belong to the UAE. All systems operated by the UAE have a base of German trucks MAN SX 45 8 × 8 "- сообщает South Front

Despite the lack of comments on this subject, there is also information that not less than three Buk-M2E air defense systems arrived in Libya, which previously had distinguished themselves by effective counteraction to Turkish attack drones, neutralizing more than 30 drones in a few days.