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Syria gives Russia full control over the port of Tartus for 49 years

Russia will receive the right to dispose of the largest Syrian port.

According to the information provided by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, within the next week the Syrian authorities will transfer to Russia the right to use its largest port - Tartus. We are talking about the transfer of rights to use the port for 49 years, which may mean that Russia will have the opportunity to create a powerful military grouping in the Mediterranean.

For exactly what purposes Russia intends to use the port of Tartus, so far remains unknown, as well as the conditions of transfer of the port remain unknown, however, analysts say that for this reason, the United States, Israel and other countries are losing the opportunity to invade Syria.

No official comment was made by Syria on this score either, however, if Russian military ships are deployed in the port, it will almost certainly be able to control the entire eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea.

Earlier, in 2017, Syria had already transferred to Russia the right to place in Tartus a base of material and technical support for the Russian Navy, which caused a number of questions regarding the transfer of rights to use the port now.

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