Syria confirms readiness to shoot down Israeli planes and attack in response

Having violated the agreement with Russia, Israel got into serious trouble.

Against the background of the emergence of information that the Israeli side decided to break the agreements previously reached between Israel and Russia on Syria, it became known that Syria has confirmed its readiness to fight Israeli threats and even attack in response to the actions of the Israeli side. The Syrian army has more than enough missile weapons for this, and therefore large Israeli military facilities and cities can become targets.

Information on this matter was announced by the publication "Asharq al-Awsat", noting that Damascus expects help from Russia, which is expressed at least in the provision of modern weapons.

“The Saudi newspaper Asharq al-Awsat, citing a source in the Kremlin, reports that Damascus is ready to resist Israeli attacks and is interested in purchasing modern Russian-made air defense systems. Former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also criticized the actions of the Bennett government, which, according to him, managed to spoil relations with Moscow, which threatens to reduce the effectiveness of the fight against Iranian assets in Syria or even to lose such opportunities. ", - reports "Telegram" -society "Military Observer" with reference to the building "Asharq al-Awsat".

It should be noted that over the past week, Israel made three attempts to strike at Syria, however, they failed miserably - out of 14 missiles fired by Israeli fighters, 13 were shot down.


From the hole you can better see the stars and everything that burns children.
People have forgotten that aluminum is not a food grade metal for kitchen utensils.

We must respect the sovereignty of other countries !!

This is steam per whistle. Until Israel is satisfied with the second Il-20.

Having violated the agreement with Russia, Israel got into serious trouble.
---- Firstly, I didn't get it, but MAY get it, as they say in Odessa, there are two big differences. Secondly, the skies over Syria have already been closed at least three times in 2015, 2016 and 2018, each time finally and irrevocably. And nothing has changed. And this time it will be so.