Syria has confirmed the deployment of the Iranian air defense system

Information on the deployment of the Iranian air defense system in Syria is confirmed.

The Arab news publication Al Masdar News, citing an interview with a source in the Syrian Armed Forces, confirmed the deployment of the Iranian air defense system at the T4 airbase. The decision to deploy an air defense system was made after the last Israeli attack on the position of the Iranian military.

"The Iranian air defense system has been deployed in Syria, a source from the Syrian armed forces Al Masdar News in Damascus said. According to the source, the Iranian armed forces deployed one of their air defense systems at the T-4 airbase in eastern Homs after a powerful attack by the Israeli military, which killed several IRGC soldiers at the base. According to the source, in addition to the Iranian air defense system, the military also have their own weapons at the T-4 airbase to protect their troops in the event of an attack ”- reports edition.

What specific air defense system in question is not reported, however, according to initial data, it may well be the latest Iranian Bavar-373 air defense and missile defense system, which, according to the Iranian military, is a kind of mixture of Russian C-300 and C- 400, although inferior to the latter, however, at the same time, there is information that we can talk about medium-range air defense systems, in connection with which, deployment of the Khordat-15 air defense system is not ruled out.