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Syria will receive several dozen additional Russian air defense systems due to Israeli aggression

It became known about the large-scale deliveries of Russian air defense weapons to Syria's armaments.

Against the background of the fact that the new Israeli government refused to adhere to the existing agreements with Russia on Syria, it became known that the Russian side intends to significantly re-equip the Syrian troops by installing several dozen air defense systems to counter strikes and to destroy Israeli aircraft. Information on this subject was announced by the Bloomberg publication.

“Although Israel regularly notifies Moscow of strikes so as not to harm Russian personnel in Syria, it does not ask permission to conduct its operations. Russia may step up training for Syrian air defense crews to limit Israeli air strikes against Iranian-backed militias, said a source close to the defense ministry in Moscow, who asked not to be named as it is a confidential matter. The goal is to get Bennett to promise to coordinate Israel's actions with the Russian military, said another source in Moscow familiar with the matter. The two countries have previously clashed over Syria. In 2018, Syrian air defenses shot down a Russian plane, killing 15 soldiers. Putin blamed Israel for the incident because his planes were attacking targets in Syria at the time. In response, Russia has deployed modern anti-aircraft systems to Syria ", - the edition marks.

In addition to training Syrian specialists, it is also planned to seriously strengthen the Syrian air defense with additional complexes.

Experts note that today Syria needs more modern radars and mobile radars that will track the missiles released by the Israeli side and attack in response. Nevertheless, if the information provided by Bloomberg is reliable, then, according to experts, Russia is likely to supply Pantsir-S complexes to Syria's armaments. Buk-M2, "Tor", and probably even additional S-300 air defense systems to expand the capabilities of the CAA.

Once again, friends - Israel will not get into a situation where there is no way out.

Well, it is clear that the Russians want to lose the air defense market in the Arab countries ... we are waiting ...

You will not wait, children of Israel ...

The Jewish state finally turned into a fascist state, like Germany in 39.

The word "vassal" was used))) Who we know and so, and Israel to come to an agreement with Russia, will find common themes, it is not for nothing that the pariah of the Russian Israelis in Israel has a significant electorate.
The point is that by default Russia in Syria is NOT AGAINST Israel and, in principle, Israel will not get too involved in a situation where there is no way out.

Israel always warns Russia about attacks on pro-Iranian bases. Pay attention not to the Syrian, but to the Iranian, which Israel is preparing to erase. And he has the full right to deliver a preemptive strike. Ask Russia for permission? As it is not decent. Israel did not Vasal Rossssii. They will attack the Israeli Air Force. Well? Nastya said like a good guy!

We will calculate the result at the end of the year.

"The goal is to get Bennett to promise to coordinate action."
so, again, one chatter instead of decisive actions

Well, it is clear that the Russians want to lose the air defense market in the Arab countries ... we are waiting ...