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Syria: Russia is preparing for a large-scale attack on the position of terrorists

Russia has begun preparations for an attack on militants in Syrian Idlib.

According to According to Syrian sources, in recent days the number of flights of Russian intelligence aircraft over Idlib has increased significantly. The positions of the militants are constantly monitored by the Russian military, which, obviously, may indicate the readiness of a large-scale attack against terrorists, who continue to ignore the agreements between Ankara and Moscow.

It should be clarified that since the conclusion of agreements between Russia and Turkey on the creation of a de-escalation zone in Idlib, Russian military aviation has never once attacked militant positions, however, terrorists continue to obstruct patrols of previously designated areas, periodically attacking positions Syrian army and continue to strengthen their positions in Idlib, including through material supplies from Turkey.

Given the increasing number of reconnaissance flights, experts believe that Russia is preparing a large-scale military operation, which is likely to make it possible to gain control over the entire territory located along the M4 highway, which will make it possible to oust terrorists from Syria to Turkish territory.