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Syria: Su-22 shot down, the pilot was captured by terrorists. Video

The pilot of the downed Su-22 was captured.

A few minutes ago it became known that terrorists destroyed the Su-22 fighter-bomber over Syrian territory, carrying out attacks on militants in the city of Khan Sheikhun and its environs. Despite the fact that the pilot managed to eject, he was captivated by terrorists.

At the disposal of the resource were unique shots, which captured the first seconds from the moment the Syrian combat aircraft were destroyed, and a few minutes later the terrorists published video frames directly from the crash site.

It is known that the Syrian Air Force combat aircraft tried to cover the site of the alleged landing of the Syrian pilot, however, despite this fact, he was still captured by terrorists, although the latter did not provide any convincing evidence.

According to yet unconfirmed reports, a portable anti-aircraft missile system was used against the Syrian combat aircraft, which was first seen by the militants, however, there is also evidence that the Syrian Air Force aircraft was originally shot down from 37-mm. guns.

According to some reports, the plane was shot down only a few kilometers from the positions of the Syrian Arab Army.