Syria has become a laboratory where countries test their drones

The scale of the use of new types of drones in Syria has been astounding.

According to the official report, since the start of the war in Syria, this country has become a testing ground for unmanned aerial vehicles. The reason for this was the possibility of testing drones and unmanned systems in conditions as close as possible to combat. According to the report, over 11 years, 39 types of various unmanned aerial vehicles have been tested in Syria.

The United States, Russia, Iran, Israel and Turkey, as well as Syrian government forces, have used 39 different types of drones during the ongoing armed conflict in the Arab Republic. We are talking about reconnaissance and combat drones. At the same time, the actual number of drones tested can be much larger, since they could not always be successfully tracked.

Thanks to the tests carried out, most of the drones have been improved and adapted in accordance with the identified deviations. However, there were also cases when it was decided to abandon the serial production of drones, since the latter demonstrated extremely low efficiency of their use.

Taking into account the current conflict, the report says that Turkey carried out more than 60 strikes from January to September of this year alone, using only its drones, not to mention the drones of Iran, Russia and the United States.


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