Strike OTRK Point


Syria hits a Turkish checkpoint in the Maarat Misrin area with a ballistic missile

Syria launched the Tochka OTRK, attacking a Turkish checkpoint and terrorists on the territory of Maarat Misrin.

In response to the concentration of Turkish forces and the provocations of terrorists in Idlib, the Syrian army launched a powerful ballistic missile attack on the positions of Turkish troops and terrorists in the area of ​​the city of Maarat Misrin, located north of Idlib. The blow was delivered by the Tochka operational-tactical missile system. This made it possible to destroy the terrorist base and almost led to the destruction of the Turkish observation post, deployed at a distance of about half a kilometer from the strike site.

The photographs show the place where the Tochka tactical ballistic missile was struck.

The blow was so powerful that the roof of the reinforced concrete building where the terrorists were hiding was literally broken through.

Despite the absence of any evidence, it is reported that about two dozen terrorists who were inside and near the building were killed. At the same time, it is quite remarkable that the Syrian army ignored the location of a Turkish observation post here, since in fact, the Turkish army sheltered terrorists from attacks by other means of destruction.

Judging by the wreckage of the rocket, we are really talking about the Tochka OTRK, which were specially deployed by the Syrian army to deliver operational strikes against the militants.