Explosion in the sky


Syria for the first time used C-300 complexes against Israel

The Syrian military for the first time used the C-300 complexes against Israel.

The attacks on Syria, continued by the Israeli military for the second day, forced the Syrian military for the first time to use their air defense systems C-300 "Favorite". According to the data presented, these complexes received their first combat use and proved to be excellent.

At the moment, it is known that it was the C-300 “Favorit” complexes that helped the Syrian military to detect approaching from the Golan Heights (aeronautical territory occupied by Israel - Ed.) Aircraft (balloons) that when entering the airspace of the SAR were immediately destroyed. For the defeat of air targets, the Pantsir-S complexes were used, while sources in Syria claim that if Israel used combat aircraft, the complexes were ready to immediately hit the fighters.

According to data provided by the Israeli side, the strikes inflicted on Syria on Friday and Saturday night proved successful, however, in reality, there is no evidence of this, due to the high efficiency of the Syrian air defense systems.

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