Syria seriously gathered to shoot down Israeli fighters despite Russia's position

Syria is ready to start using anti-aircraft defense against Israel, despite Russia's position.

Despite Russia's position regarding the use of Syrian air defense systems against Israeli warplanes, official Damascus intends to completely take control of the situation. This is primarily due to the aggressive actions of Tel Aviv, as well as threats to the Arab Republic.

“According to a military source in Damascus, the Syrian armed forces are on high alert, as it is expected that the Israeli defense forces will begin to strike at Syrian territory in the next few days. The source denies that rockets were fired from the suburbs of Damascus around Israel, adding that the latter uses this as an excuse to attack Syria. ”- Al Masdar News reports.

Previously, sources in the Syrian army reported that Moscow was categorically against the use of air defense by the Syrian military to defeat Israeli combat aircraft, however, given Syria’s position, all types of air defense can be used against Israeli military aircraft, including speech can go about C-300.

Yes, they were serious before. In February, 2018 with an S-200 air defense system shot down one F-16 over the Golan (the pilot gape) - for the first time in 34 of the year. Exactly a year ago, however, it is unlikely to be serious - they started shooting in 12 minutes after the Israeli strike, and even after 12, shooting in all directions, they hit our IL-20. This summer they managed to launch a ground-to-air missile right up to Northern Cyprus, turning it into ground-to-ground :)
Masters! In general, to health, or, as the hero of Nikita Mikhalkov said: “If you jump”.
It can be seen that Assad does not want options to leave Israel alone and go to peace, like Egypt and Jordan. Or Iran will not let it go - like the USSR 40 years ago, when everything could be decided. And even return the Golan.
I believe that one launch from C-300 in the direction of Israeli aircraft, and Syrian air defense will disappear. This is to be realistic. Although it can be dreamers, like some commentators. ;)

and what is it? they have a right. they protect their country from aggression of a direct ENEMY. they wouldn’t climb to them “we Gus do not deceive the Dgug Dgug” and no one would use Syrian air defense on them.