Port explosion


Syria: explosion aboard Iranian tanker is not related to Israeli attack

The explosion that took place on board a tanker in Syrian Latakia is not related to the Israeli attack.

The explosion on board an Iranian oil tanker the previous day is not related to the Israeli attack, as previously reported by local sources. According to the data provided by the Syrian authorities, the explosion occurred during the repair work. According to preliminary data, the fault was a flammable gas leak.

Earlier, two versions were expressed as to what could have caused the explosion in the Syrian port, located just 20 kilometers from the Russian military airbase "Khmeimim". According to one version, the explosion could have been the result of an Israeli drone attack, and according to another, the ship could have been mined in the southeastern Mediterranean Sea. Nevertheless, as it turned out, the fault was the banal non-observance of safety precautions during repair work.

Initially, two deaths were reported, however, according to the Syrian newspaper "SANA", several crew members were slightly injured, who were provided with all the necessary assistance.

It should be noted that earlier Israel has repeatedly attacked Iranian ships heading to Syria. In this regard, a version was expressed that the explosion was the result of an attack.


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