Syria announced strikes on Israel - probably by Russian Iskander OTRK

The Syrian army intends to "level up" Israeli cities and military bases with Russian Iskander OTRK.

After the night before, Israeli fighters launched new missile strikes on Syrian territory, hiding, as before, with civilian aircraft, which did not allow the Syrian army to successfully repel all strikes due to the risk of aircraft being hit in the skies over Syria, Lebanon and the eastern part Mediterranean Sea, official Damascus announced that if the UN does not take concrete steps, then the next time Syrian missiles will strike at Israeli territory.

“Damascus called on the Security Council and UN Secretary General António Guterres to immediately take concrete measures to prevent a repeat of Israeli air force attacks on Syrian territory. The Foreign Ministry sent a letter addressed to the UN Secretary General that at 23:03 on August 19, 2021, Israel launched a rocket attack from the air, targeting some posts in the vicinity of Damascus and Homs. The Syrian Foreign Ministry also noted that "Syria will not hesitate to use its legal right to defend and protect national sovereignty in full compliance with the UN Charter"- reports "Telegram" community "Bulletin of Damascus."

To date, the Syrian army is armed with fairly effective Russian-made Iskander tactical missile systems, which may well deliver successful strikes on Israeli territory, not to mention the fact that the Syrian Air Force is capable of launching missile strikes on Israeli territory and Israeli positions. military in the occupied Golan Heights.

The Israeli side has not yet commented on the strikes against Syria, however, their effectiveness turned out to be rather low, since 90% of the missiles were successfully shot down by Syrian air defense systems.

Of course they "lie". Let's go to the Master of this Israel with a petition: give the go-ahead for the punishment of your lackey. Well, like the right Boys.
Oil is sacred. Not being discussed.

You inattentively read the information about repelling a missile strike on Damascus. Of the 22 missiles fired by Israeli aircraft, 20 were shot down. Therefore, 2 reached the target.

strange, if the Russian air defense intercepted all the missiles, then why is there so much anger among the Syrians, after all, no one was hurt, right? Or are they lying to us as always?

This is the territory of Syria and they can invite anyone there, that's hee right. But the Jews seem to be getting on soon. Have become insolent at the end, sooner or later they will fly in for such arrogance

Great logic! So SYRIA can boldly bomb the territory of Israel with one simple formulation that it is not against people, but that the missiles do not fly from there. What difference does it make what conditions to put forward, if there is an opportunity to beat unrequitedly. Only when you get in the teeth in response, it becomes possible to stop waving your fists. In a different way, appetite comes with eating, but the belly is insatiable, and the polygon is needed.

As much as I can tell you like that, Syria is not bombing at all Israel and the civilian population of today, but will bomb the military facilities and infrastructure of the aggressor.

Israel sleeps and sees itself within the borders of 1945

Alexander ... Damascus sent delegates to Washington in order to convince them to get out in an amicable way to get out of Syria in an amicable way, so that a situation similar to the one that happened to these would-be warriors in Afghanistan does not repeat)

Where did the Syrians get the Iskander missile systems?
There are "Scuds" and old "Points" (without "U") from OTRK. And then, the presence of missiles is in question.

How much you can write. Israel does not bomb civilian targets or military personnel in Syria. There is only one goal. So that Iran and Hizbalah do not attack Israel from the territory of Syria. If Assad doesn't want Israeli planes to bomb Syria, he should kick Iran and Hizbalah out.

Scary, horror ...

Well, take a chance ...... You will be given 36 hours to leave Syria, and then it will be as always for you .... this is 1. Israel has been at war with Syria since 1948, and none of the mishpuhi al-Assad claimed peace!

So that's why Damascus sent delegates to Washington.



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