US military


Syrians attacked the US military hand-to-hand

The Syrians attacked the American military, who recklessly left the armored personnel carrier.

A few hours ago, a group of Syrians attacked American soldiers who tried to enter the territory of one of the settlements. An attempt to get to the settlement along one of the highways ended in failure - it was blocked by local residents, after which the American military decided to leave their armored vehicles, but were immediately attacked by the Syrians - the latter went hand-to-hand to the military from the United States.

A fragment of the clash can be seen in the video footage published by the Syrian news agency SANA, and, apparently, the situation indicates the fact that the presence of American troops in the territories of eastern Syria will be minimized, since otherwise the clashes will become much more frequent and could escalate into a real attack by Syrian citizens.

The American side did not give any official comments regarding the attack on the US military personnel, however, experts do not exclude that the Syrian army may strengthen its presence in this area after such US activity, since the locals are not happy with such American visits.