Syrians attacked American armored vehicles trying to break past the SAA checkpoint. Video

The Syrians attacked the US military, trying to get past the checkpoint.

The US military, who tried to get around the checkpoint with the Syrian military, was suddenly attacked on one of the highways. The attack involved dozens of Syrian citizens who bombarded the U.S. military with various kinds of objects, including stones, bottles, etc.

In the presented video frames, you can see how at least a dozen Syrian teenagers attack the American military, which caused negative emotions among Americans trying to disperse the crowd by sound signals, however, according to the Syrian news agency North Press, it caused only an even bigger hail stones addressed to the Americans.

Perfectly complements the picture of what happened and the comments of Twitter users, in particular, the user Last Defender signed it with the corresponding text:

“US forces attacked by happy Syrians”

obviously hinting at the fact that Syrian citizens are still extremely negative about the presence of Americans, demonstrating this in regular attacks using stones and other objects.

It should be noted that in one of the attempts of the Syrians to block the American military convoy, American forces opened fire on civilians, as a result of which at least one person was killed, which caused anger against the United States.


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