Syrians spotted two new Russian Su-57 fighters near military hangars

The Syrian military found two brand new Russian Su-57 fighters near the hangars.

A few hours ago, Syrian military experts published information in the Syrian Military Capabilities community that two new Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighters were spotted near the hangars. It is reported that earlier these aircraft were not seen either on the territory of Russia or on the territory of Syria, which may mean that the Russian military is carrying out the last test run of two new combat serial aircraft.

According to data provided by the Syrian Military Capabilities community, the image shows that two Su-57 fighters are located next to a military hangar at the Akhtubinsk airbase. In total, 6 fifth generation fighters were captured on the satellite image, and judging by the date, the image of the space satellite was taken on June 27, 2020.

Official comments on this matter have not yet been made, however, several weeks ago it became known that the assembly of these aircraft is already underway, although due to a number of problems, this year the Russian Aerospace Forces may be left without serial fifth-generation combat aircraft, although and it was reported that in 2020, mass deliveries of the Su-57 to the troops will begin.