Syrians with the help of grenade launchers stopped an American military convoy

The Syrian military with the help of grenade launchers stopped an American military convoy.

The US troops, who tried once again to drive into the territory controlled by the Syrian military, were unpleasantly surprised by how the SAA fighters stopped them. Previously, the Syrian military were in their positions exclusively with automatic weapons, trying not to create undue tension, but now the Syrian army stopped the American convoy with grenade launchers, clearly demonstrating readiness for any action.

On the presented video frames, you can see that the fighters of the Syrian army did not particularly stand on ceremony with the American military, showing that they had the means to combat armored vehicles and threatening the Americans with a Soviet Kalashnikov assault rifle. US troops were even afraid to leave their armored personnel carriers, obviously realizing that this would only escalate the situation and could lead to irreparable consequences for themselves.

According to some reports, the cause of tension in the region was the disobedience of the US military - the lead car ignored the order to stop and drove a few hundred meters, approaching the checkpoint closely, which created a threat.