Syrian army announces massive offensive in northern Syria

The Syrian army is ready to launch an offensive in northern Syria.

As part of the negotiations, the Turkish side announced its intention to withdraw troops from the M4 highway in northwestern Syria. The decision is due to the need to find a diplomatic solution to the conflict situation between Syria and Turkey. The simultaneous withdrawal of the Turkish army from these positions will mean that Ankara no longer intends to cooperate with the militants who control this region in the Arab Republic, against which the Syrian army announced its readiness to take control of an area of ​​several thousand square kilometers.

“Turkey has agreed as a first step to withdraw from the M4 international highway connecting Latakia and Saraqib and move to the areas of Dana, Armanaz and Salkin. Jisr al-Shugur, Ariha and Idlib will remain the Syrian army. And if the Al-Qaeda (terrorist organization banned in Russia - ed.) groups in the Levant refuse to vacate their positions after the withdrawal of Turkish troops from the above areas, they will be completely eliminated by the Syrian army and its allies", - sources in the Syrian army report.

So far, no facts of the withdrawal of Turkish troops from the northwestern part of Syria have been recorded, however, it is known that Turkey really intends to take such steps due to a lack of interest in this region.


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