Beat on Syria


The Syrian army without the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces lost 21 settlements in a day

The inaction of the Russian aerospace forces led to the loss of control of the SAA in 21 settlements.

Despite the fact that a few days ago, the Syrian army, with the support of the Russian air forces, was able to successfully occupy a territory of several hundred square kilometers in the north-west of the Arab Republic, it became known that in just a day the SAA lost control of 21 settlements - Russian combat aircraft could not provide the necessary support to the SAA, as a result of which the militants broke through the defenses.

According to sources, the speech concerns mainly settlements and territories located in the provinces of Idlib and Hama, while the Syrian forces managed to warn local residents about the onset of terrorists, as a result of which the latter were urgently evacuated to safe areas.

Nevertheless, given the progress of the terrorists in this direction, a lot of questions arise as to whether the militants will continue to seize more and more new territories, while without the effective support of the Russian air forces, the Syrian army has very few chances to counter the terrorists supported by Turkey, especially against the background of shelling of MLRS and strikes using drones.

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It is very bad to give back what is mined with such difficulty. At the cost of the lives of the Russian and Syrian military. I hope Putin understands that procrastination and inaction are unacceptable.

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so it turns out that we obeyed the demand of Turkey and the United States to stop flying over Syria