Missile strike


For the fourth day in a row, the Syrian army is "ironing" the positions of the Turkish mercenaries with hundreds of strikes

The Syrian army launched a powerful campaign against the Turkish mercenaries.

According to the Syrian and eastern media, the Syrian army has launched several hundred strikes on Turkish mercenaries over the past four days, using mainly unmanned aerial vehicles and field artillery, and according to some media reports, even missile strikes were launched. The offensive was launched by the Syrian army after a large group of jihadists attempted to break through the SAA's defense line, but was defeated.

“Sources from the Syrian Observatory said that the government army has intensified its shelling of the 'de-escalation zone' since the morning of 8 May. At least 130 rockets and shells hit positions on the al-Tuffahiya front line in rural northern Latakia, al-Fterah, Sfuhen, al-Bara-Fulaifel and several other locations in Jebel ez-Zawiya, in the countryside of Idlib. At the moment, there are no reports of casualties. However, a source from the scene said that the number of casualties must be high, since the attack was very fierce. On the front line of Maarrat Muhas in the countryside south of Idlib, fighting was also extremely fierce. Syrian Observatory activists said that early Saturday morning, it all started with a rocket attack on a group of jihadists al-Fatah al-Mubin on the front line. ", - reports the publication "Sokha" as of the evening of May 9.

Today in the afternoon it became known that in the past day alone, the Syrian army has inflicted about a hundred strikes on the positions of the militants, forcing the latter, obviously, to start retreating from their positions, which makes it possible for the SAA to liberate a number of territories.

It is known that the regular Turkish army does not intervene in the situation, apparently having received a tough warning from Russia.