CAA strikes


Syrian army destroys over XNUMX jihadist vehicles with two missile strikes

Hundreds of vehicles of pro-Turkish militants in Syria were destroyed by two SAA missile strikes.

The night before, in the northern part of Syria, at the facilities controlled by the militants, two powerful explosions thundered, which, as it turned out, were not associated with the strikes of Russian drones, as was initially stated, but were caused by two strikes by the Syrian military Tochka-U. The consequences of the attacks turned out to be extremely destructive for the jihadists - over a hundred vehicles were destroyed, mainly oil tank trucks that smuggled oil from Syria to Turkey.

According to, the strikes were carried out in the area of ​​the settlements of Tarhin and Al-Hamran, while the strikes were perhaps the most destructive for the armed gangs.

On the presented video frames, you can see the consequences of the strikes by the Tochka-U tactical missile systems, both immediately after the attack of the SAA, and the next day, which confirms the information about the significant losses of the jihadists.

It should be clarified that recently the Syrian army has been actively using its Tochka-U OTRK to deliver attacks on jihadists and terrorist groups throughout the country.