Syrian army and Russian troops repulsed a powerful attack of the Turkish army

Turkey launched a powerful offensive against Ain Issa, but only lost controlled terrorists and military equipment.

Units of the Turkish army and terrorists controlled by Ankara tried to conduct an operational attack on Ain Issa. The attack was carried out from the northeastern and northwestern directions, however, thanks to the Russian military and the Syrian army, the advancing forces of the militants and the Turkish army were able to flee and partially destroy.

The news agency managed to obtain information that the assault on Ain Issa was preceded by powerful artillery strikes by the Turkish army, after which the militants already controlled by Ankara went on the offensive. Nevertheless, the plans of the terrorists and Turkey were revealed and as a result of powerful suppression fire, at least 15 militants were killed and put to flight.

It is known that the Turkish forces had to retreat to their previously occupied positions. At the same time, as a result of a counterattack by the Syrian forces, the Russian military and Kurdish units, the militants lost several pieces of equipment.

It should be noted that this is one of the first powerful offensive operations organized by the Turkish side after the concentration of Turkish forces in the north of the Arab republic.

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Read the other way around. Destroyed 15 Russian militants and people will believe you.

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Strange article .. We have a war with Turkey ????????? Why did everyone call her an ally in the situation with Syria .... Probably they wanted to offend !!! As many as 15 militants died, this is a victory! Yes-ah-ah-ah !!!!

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"at least 15 militants were killed and put to flight" ... Anyone previewing the articles? Are the killed militants on the run? Powerful suppression and at the same time destroyed 15 militants? Was there a platoon advancing? ... Well, then everything is clear.

What is the war with Turkey? Their lyre has fallen, Erdogan is losing his authority, the army is dissatisfied. If there are losses from missile strikes, without H bamb, then the leadership in Turkey will change. Be realistic.

is it like a powerful offensive in the amount of 15 fighters?

This was not the case, otherwise Erdogan would have thrown huge forces there, but he would have gouged everything, and we would have had a war with Turkey today.