The Syrian army is massively pulling troops and weapons to northern Syria

The ultimatum set by Ankara on the withdrawal of the Syrian Democratic Forces from northern Syria expires on Sunday.

Against the backdrop of the impending invasion of the Turkish army into Syria under the guise of a military operation against the Kurds, the Syrian army began to pull in a large amount of weapons to the north of the country. At the moment, it is known that Syrian troops are deployed in Manbij, Tel Rifat and other large cities in the north of the Arab Republic. In addition to a large number of personnel, the Syrian army is also actively deploying tanks, artillery, short-range air defense systems, etc. If Ankara does not abandon the military operation, military clashes could turn out to be very serious.

In the video, you can see numerous columns with military equipment moving to the north of Syria, which, in addition to army trucks, include armored vehicles, artillery, etc.

It should be noted that earlier Russian military equipment and military personnel were also seen in northern Syria, and the night before it became known that the United States had also sent additional weapons to northern Syria. This only increases the likelihood of full-scale combat clashes.

Earlier, Turkey announced that it did not intend to discuss the issue of conducting a military operation in Syria with Russia and the United States, offering only to reduce the likelihood of a conflict by withdrawing the Syrian Democratic Forces outside the 30-kilometer zone in the north of the Arab Republic.


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