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Syrian army learned to deceive Israeli fighters

The Syrian army began to deceive Israeli F-16 fighters.

The effectiveness of the use of Israeli fighters over the past month has turned out to be so low that, in fact, it is zero. While in the past, Syrian air defense systems successfully shot down 13 out of 14 missiles fired by fighters (efficiency was 93%), then during the last Israeli strikes 22 out of 24 missiles fired were destroyed (efficiency was 92%), which indicates that this is not accident. It became known that the increase in efficiency and the prevention of strikes against the air defense systems of Syria became possible due to the fact that the air defense systems deployed by the Syrian troops are constantly changing their positions.

“Earlier, Israel raised its reconnaissance aircraft into the sky, they set up areas of Syrian air defense systems and either attacked them, or carried out directed suppression of radar stations. Now, when the areas of deployment of air defense systems change several times during the day, Israel simply hits "milk", while it is enough to deploy one of the complexes in the area of ​​the appearance of Israeli fighters, and only fragments will remain from the F-16 ", - the expert marks.

Among other things, earlier, at the level of rumors, information appeared that the Syrian military received a batch of Russian Kasta radar stations, which made it possible to cover a large area of ​​the country and better control the borders

Yes Yes! Savva you are right! The Syrians hit and shoot down all the missiles, And the warehouses of Hezbalah and the Iranians are burning. In Soviet times, this was called "postscripts".

The fact that the Syrians are deceiving is not news ....., but not the Israelis, but the rest of the world, it is easy to check on local videos on ,, telegrams, everything burns and burns inside the villages, cities where warehouses are burning and there are comments from the Syrians

And there it is ... at the level of rumors, information appeared that the Syrian military received a batch of Russian radar stations ... this is exactly what is called often changing positions ... But it doesn't matter ...))



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