Models of air defense Syria


The Syrian army covered the Israeli Air Force - instead of destroyed air defense systems, missiles destroyed mock-ups

It became known that Israeli missiles destroyed models of Syrian air defense systems.

The attacks by the Israeli Air Force several weeks ago on the territory of Syria were not only unsuccessful, but in fact, undermining the entire intelligence network of Tel Aviv. According to a number of sources, in reality, instead of destroying a large number of anti-aircraft defense systems, the AAA destroyed the mock-ups that were specially made and placed on positions in order to mislead the Israeli Air Force.

It is reported that Israel did succeed in destroying several air defense systems, as the areas near the Syrian capital needed reliable protection, however, the vast majority of targets turned out to be false, as a result of which Israeli missiles for tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars actually destroyed only ordinary models.

Earlier it was reported that on the territory of Syria, created models of weapons were seen, designed to simulate a high degree of protection of certain areas of the country and reduce the effectiveness of strikes by a potential enemy, which, obviously, found the first confirmation.

What specific means of simulating military equipment in question are not reported, however, experts believe that these can be both mock-ups made from improvised materials, and tools manufactured in Russia that are indistinguishable from a distance of several tens of meters, which, obviously , and led to Israeli statements about the destruction of a large number of air defense positions in the Damascus region, although according to the Syrian military, as a result of numerous attacks, only an anti-aircraft self-propelled gun was destroyed.

A lot of cardboard and a bit of electronics to create the appearance of work.

the "source of location" is done on corner and other reflectors, and the source of direction finding was already offered here ...

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Moreover, the United States made the F22 airplane cooler and thought that the coolest ones, equipment, layouts and templates were “lost” and now they can’t make their own airplane and try to make another one and vparit it as the best. and who does not want to take to turn off the gas or oil who has what. gee gee gee

So you can put a working microwave into the breadboard with the door open. Alteration once spit. Well, in Russia there are models both with visual imitation and with imitation of work.

from far away, good samples were substituted, but with small additions. to the Japs and the Chinas. for years later they couldn’t drop why the pumps didn’t pump, the guns didn’t shoot, and the planes fell. Entire institutes worked on this.

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Well, firstly, ...... Secondly ........ Thirdly, new systems are created, and the old ones are sold when the defense system is made according to Russian standards, then reworking it into other standards is very problematic and very, well very expensive.....

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Air defense systems are based on cars. They also built from improvised means? And in general, missiles are sent to the target not only by visual guidance, but also to the source of the location.

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Dear ..... and you know the story of the Pindos .... They thought that they were very cunning and wanted to copy the engines purchased for the RD 180 missiles in Russia .... however, they did not succeed ..... Now the technology has become so complex that it is impossible to copy just by disassembling it in detail .....

So they sell the export option.

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It surprises me when air defense of the latest development is Russia itself being sold by the NATO country, such S400 systems. Commerce by commerce. But Russia's security is first and foremost. Maybe I don’t understand what. We want to earn money, but at what cost. It is urgent to revive the economy, then something will go to the treasury. But Turkey as a partner is not reliable, I think so. Our advanced developments should not be in NATO. This is my value judgment.