Reconnaissance aircraft the US Air Force


The Syrian army shelled the US reconnaissance plane

The Syrian army has entered into a confrontation with American troops.

According to the portal, the day before, the Syrian army fired at an American reconnaissance aircraft that was carrying out an unauthorized flight in the northeastern part of the country. It is noted that after a large-caliber automatic weapon was opened on an American military reconnaissance aircraft, the aircraft left the country.

At the moment, no official comment from the US military command in this regard have been reported, however, it is clear that after a missile strike on Syrian military base, any aircraft of the US Army will be exposed to attacks by the Syrian army.

Americans where only they did not use different types of ammunition and phosphorus bombs napalm chemical weapons charges with depleted uranium and even nuclear weapons and no moral right to punish and unfoundedly any country - people still suffer from the consequences of American weapons in Japan and In Vietnam and other countries

It was necessary to knock down this piece of iron. For one thing, catch and execute Pindos of all stripes - such as advisors. Path if you lack the spirit. read "mein kampf".



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