War in Syria


Syrian army announces large-scale military operation in Idlib

The Syrian army announced the start of a large-scale offensive in two days.

Syrian troops and Russian military aircraft are preparing for the start of a large-scale military operation in the Syrian province of Idlib, against the remaining terrorist groups. A large-scale offensive could be the final liberation of the northwestern part of Syria from militants.

““ These heroes will drive the Syrian regime to Morek in two days. ”The Syrian on the video promises that the Turkish troops will begin an operation in Idlib in the near future against Assad, Russia and Iran and that the territories“ occupied by the Syrian regime ”will be liberated in the name of Allah”, - leads the information of the Telegram-community "Rybar", giving the corresponding video.

How reliable such information is is unknown, however, it is noteworthy that several days ago similar data were provided by other Syrian military and information sources, and over the past 48 hours the activity of the Russian air forces over Idlib has increased very seriously.

“If Russia really allows Syria to start an offensive operation, then obviously this indicates a willingness to abandon agreements with Turkey, which, by the way, are still not being implemented. Whether Russia will take part in this is reliably unknown, however, without Russian air support, the advance of the Syrian army can be extremely slow. ”- the expert gives the opinion.

How do you know? Sitting on the sofa, did I see a figure on the ceiling?

Gentlemen are good, but how much dirt we have is pouring on our president. This is always the case where there is a storm and dirty foam, nothing compared to the depths of the ocean, but always on top. Sorry.

Enough lie! Assad supports only 10% of Syrians

Sergey, then indicate - and who your acquaintances of the Syrians like opponents of Assad like?

This is only a small part of those who oppose Assad and Russia. The Syrians want peace and the liberation of the whole territory.

And Americans turn out to be angels in the flesh and everyone likes, especially Syrians. They pay and spirits breed, a war of interests, for oil in the first place!

ISIS or what? There, almost the entire territory was under ISIS and a little under terror groups, it turns out after the ISIS was expelled, the Syrians stopped loving us according to your words

Admittedly, not all Syrians support Assad. I have many Syrian acquaintances who neither him (Assad) nor the Russian troops like there. Erdogan relies on those Syrians who are against Assad. Before the war, almost all Syrians treated Russians very well.

If the enemy does not surrender, he should at least be scared.