Turkish military base


The Syrian army completely expelled the Turkish military from the controlled territories

There are no Turkish military bases left in the territories controlled by the Syrian army.

The Syrian army blockaded Turkish military bases, leaving them without supplies, as a result of which the Turkish military had to decide to withdraw its forces from the regions under the control of the SAA. So, according to Syrian sources, the day before the last Turkish military base was withdrawn from the territory of the SAA.

At the moment, it is known that Turkish troops are trying to gain a foothold in the territory controlled by the militants, however, given the frequent provocations from the latter, the Syrian army, through the mediation of Russian troops, may well get territory to the M4 highway, taking control of several hundred square kilometers.

Earlier it became known that the Syrian army simply stopped letting Turkish convoys with supplies to Turkish observation posts and bases, which forced Ankara to eliminate its military facilities.

Today, several thousand square kilometers of Syria are still under the control of pro Turkish jihadists, however, the Syrian army cannot gain control over this territory due to opposition from Turkey.

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