The Syrian army received additional T-90 tanks

The Syrian military found additional T-90 tanks.

Despite the fact that Syria had only about three dozen modern T-90 tanks in service a few years ago, some of which were lost in the fight against Islamic State terrorists (a terrorist group banned in Russia - ed.), and another part was destroyed and captured by pro-Turkish militants during the clashes last year, it turned out that additional heavy combat vehicles T-90 appeared in the armament of the SAA. The latter could only be transferred to Syria by the Russian side. Moreover, it is likely that we are not talking about a few tanks, but about several dozen heavy combat vehicles.

At the moment, it is known that at least 20 T-90 tanks have been deployed only in the area of ​​probable clashes between the SAA and Turkish militants, while the same number of combat vehicles are in other regions of the Arab Republic. This already exceeds the number of T-90 tanks that Syria acquired earlier.

In the video footage presented, you can see the transfer of T-90 tanks to areas of possible clashes with Turkish jihadists. At the same time, the cars are in very good condition. This does not exclude the possibility that these tanks were previously used by the Russian army, and later, as military-technical assistance, were transferred to the SAA.

Among other things, dozens of new BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles were previously seen in service with the Syrian army - the latter, most likely, were also transferred to the SAA by the Russian side.

Not real prices, how old the cars are ...?!

Alexander, where does this knowledge about the armored vehicles of our state come from ...

Russia is a generous soul!

These tanks are an excellent target for Turkish drones armed with pro-Turkish rebels. So. that like the Syrian army itself, in which combat effectiveness causes tears except for individual parts. so these old tanks will not frighten anyone.

Actually, it says heavy combat vehicles, and a tank is a heavy combat vehicle.

“I’m very glad that I saw how it’s done,” thought Alice. - And then I so often read in the newspapers: "Attempts to resist were suppressed ..." Now I know what it is!

since when did the t-90 become a heavy tank? Rave!