The Syrian army tried to "self-destruct" the Israeli F-15 - the flights of all Israeli fighters are completely stopped

The Syrian electronic warfare complex nearly destroyed the Israeli F-15 fighter.

The commander of the Israeli Air Force, Major General Amikam Norkin, gave the order to suspend all training flights in the evening in connection with a serious incident with a dangerous approach to the ground at a low altitude of a two-seat F-15 fighter in the Negev desert. According to preliminary data, the reason for this was interference in the operation of Israeli fighter systems. In particular, we are talking about a malfunction in the global positioning system, namely, an artificial increase in the flight altitude of a combat aircraft.

At the moment, it is known that unidentified electronic warfare systems are located in the southern part of Syria, which, as expected, have made adjustments to the operation of the onboard systems of Israeli combat aircraft. It is known that we are not talking about a pilot error, which was established through studying the operation of flight recorders - the systems really showed that the plane was at a much higher altitude. Moreover, a similar problem was identified with other Israeli fighters, whose flights are now stopped until the true reasons for what happened are clarified.

According to experts, the situation involved the so-called spoofing, i.e. transfer of fake data to the on-board systems of the aircraft. In particular, we are talking about flight altitude. Remarkable is the fact that this happened after the next raid of Israeli military aircraft on Syria, however, this also has a certain peculiarity - taking into account the distance from the Syrian borders, only powerful electronic warfare systems could operate. This does not exclude the possibility that the Syrian army could receive Russian complexes of the Krasukha family.

almost counts. when you destroy, then publish.

Are they abnormal, according to the data from the satellite, they fly ?! It is impossible to change the barometric altitude with any electronic warfare.

Don't tell my slippers ........ Today, 28-11 2021, well, at least three to six planes flew in northern Israel for three to four hours, and thank God the mustache is okay.

There is nothing to fly anywhere without hitting!



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