The Syrian army, with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces, successfully recaptured another part of Idlib from the militants

The Syrian army, actively supported by Russia, successfully takes control of the territory of Idlib.

The Syrian military, actively supported by the military aviation of the Russian Aerospace Forces, successfully took control of another part of the territory of Idlib, which was previously under the control of terrorists. According to the published map of the fighting. Over the past month, the settlements of Dar al-Kabir and Al-Fatira came under the control of the SAA, which indicates the capture of an area of ​​several square kilometers.

According to preliminary data, these settlements came under the control of the Syrian army after several unsuccessful attempts by jihadists to launch an attack on the SAA forces, as a result of which the militants were not only defeated, but also lost their strongholds.

Among other things, experts draw attention to the fact that the Syrian army may well take in ticks another fairly large area of ​​Idlib, which will open up access to control over the M4 highway, and allow blocking the supply of weapons and ammunition to terrorist groups, as well as launch an offensive on positions fighters in Latakia from two different directions.

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