The Syrian army defeated the Turkish military near Neirab in three hours - tanks and armored personnel carriers were destroyed

The Syrian military destroyed 10 Turkish armored personnel carriers and tanks in Idlib in three hours

Turkey's attempt to take the initiative in Syrian Idlib ended in very serious losses for the Turkish army. According to the data presented, in just three hours of confrontation, the Turkish forces, and we are talking at least about Turkish armored vehicles, lost at least 10 tanks, armored personnel carriers and armored vehicles, and this is only in the context of the fact that the Syrian military delivered pinpoint strikes.

According to Twitter user "Spriter", Turkey and the jihadists it supports, despite the significant presence of armored forces in the area, are suffering very serious losses.

“This is not a video game. Turkish army vehicles in Neirab, Idlib, in just three hours ", - reports the account.

According to some reports, the Turkish military could allow the transfer of their equipment to the positions of the Syrian military and even open fire, which became the reason for the retaliatory strikes from the Syrian army, however, at the moment there is no information on this score.

One should pay attention to an important fact - Turkey is trying to strengthen the positions of the controlled jihadists, however, Russia immediately stops any violations by striking without warning.