airbase Homs


Syrian air base in Homs destroyed by US missile strike

The US military bombed Syrian air base in Homs.

The US military released 59 ship missiles Tomahawk on government airbase military forces of Syria, in fact, destroying it and is on its territory objects, including aircraft, infrastructure and storage of fuel and weapons. US media noted that the order to destroy the military base was given personally by Donald Trump, at the same time, it emphasizes that the Russian military have been notified.

It is noted that a missile strike on the air base was connected with the alleged use of established Syrian military chemical weapons against armed insurgents, moreover, it claimed that the Syrian military to use this airbase.

This lie has had time to go bad. Even the mind does not want to.

Yes, it's good to carry garbage. Also write, like some others: "completely destroyed". Six damaged aircraft were destroyed, which could not be relocated, and the GDP (the main target in any case) was not even damaged. The sorties continued less than a day after the "destruction".

What can we expect from the president of cohabitation established antisocial subjects on the blood of indigenous people ... Today is the cohabitation-controlled inadequate, spitting on his honor grazhdan.Vorami that everyone should ... killers of civilians in other countries ... Next, you need to them to stop the whole world. Otherwise, Armageddon is imminent!



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