Syrian missile strikes central Israel without being noticed

Syria fired a missile and it struck the central part of Israel.

During a night raid by the Israeli air force on Syria, which, as it turned out, was completely useless, since 22 of 24 missiles were shot down, and two survivors did not hit their targets due to powerful electronic suppression, it turned out that Syria was attacking Israeli aircraft when the latter returned to their airbases. This is evidenced by the actual SAA missile attack on the central part of Israel (according to other sources, the missile exploded in the air - ed.), Where most of the Israeli military bases are located.



According to information available to the news agency, during the night raid, Syrian air defenses not only successfully repulsed Israeli attacks, even despite the fact that Israeli fighters were covered by civilian aircraft, but also attacked at least one of the fighters. during the return of the latter to a base in central Israel. Apparently, the anti-aircraft guided missile of the S-200 complex was fired when Israeli fighters were leaving the airspace of neighboring Lebanon. However, it was not possible to shoot down the fighter, as the rocket fell on the border between Jordan and Israel, flying about 200 kilometers. According to a number of assumptions, the Syrian air defense just did not have enough range in order to shoot down an enemy fighter.

This is far from the first time that Syrian missiles have successfully passed Israeli air defense / missile defense systems, rushing after combat aircraft. At the same time, Israel is seriously concerned about the fact that, as before, the rocket flew relatively close to the nuclear center in Dimona.

Will this site ever write the truth? If a Syrian missile exploded in the center of Israel, then those air defenses would no longer exist. This has happened more than once.

so in the center of Israel or still on the border?

It looks like you are right, on the other hand, which was shown earlier, the planes were over the Mediterranean Sea, but where is the border between Syria and Jordan? I think the geography author has 2.

Do not make me laugh ...! The missile fell on the border of Jordan and Israel ... and what does the Israeli air defense have to do with it if it fell, why then spend expensive resources on its destruction ...!

So it does not matter! The sum does not change from the permutation of the terms. And it is clearly not in favor of the Zionists! In the states, young people are beginning to see what the Zionists are doing to the Palestinians, thanks to social networks.
And if the states turn their backs on the elite, it will be a complete POC!

it is good that Jewish propaganda has collapsed. Russia24-Israel00

Moses is on his way. soon the "wandering of the Jews to the Promised Land" will begin again ...

It seems they were writing this note from a strong hangover. The title says that the rocket fell in the central part of Israel, and in the content - that on the border between Israel and Jordan. And either fell, or exploded in the air.



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