Missile strike


Syrian militants launched a rocket attack on Latakia, failed to intercept the missiles

Syrian militants launched a missile attack on the largest Syrian city.

Tonight, Syrian militants, who continue to retain control over Idlib province, launched a powerful missile attack on the south-eastern part of Latakia. According to information provided by the Syrian media, the strikes were carried out using multiple rocket launcher systems, while it is known that the missiles hit targets only 13 kilometers from the Russian military base Khmeymim.

According to local residents, despite the fact that we are talking about multiple strikes, none of the missiles launched by the terrorists were intercepted, although after the last attacks of the Israeli air force, the airspace near Lattakia is protected by Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile systems.

Remarkable is the fact that the strikes themselves were made approximately from a distance of 50 kilometers, which in turn is of concern to specialists, as there is a serious threat that the militants can use the MLRS and try to attack the Russian military air base "Kmeymim", especially after the recent series strikes VKS Russia.

It should be clarified that the Syrian media have not yet provided information about the destruction and casualties.

Is it time to send the mistral Vovochka far away, and keep in the air a continuous watch from 4x PAK-FA, under the guise of dye.
MLRS remarkably destroyed from the air. Enchanting. Together with the special forces "partners" serving them.

And where is the vaunted C-300? And what about the vaunted * Carapace * slept? Hehehehe! Crap on the ears !!!

I would not be surprised if ours also guided targets.

The Syrians gave Latakia to Iran, and this goes against the expectations of the Russian side, so they did not cover them from the blow. Now this is the problem of Iran, how they will protect Latakia.

What a ceremony with murderers - no need to wait - it is necessary to eradicate along with women and children, cats and dogs, so that even the memories of their presence on Earth was not. Burn with napalm, laser, radiation.

Critical mass accumulates. The spirits in Idlib are being prepared for stripping.