Militants in Syria


Syrian militants rebel against Erdogan and prepare to capture Turkey

Senior pro-Turkish terrorists rebelled against Turkey.

According to Syrian sources, at least two high-ranking militants of the Kha'yat Tahrir Al-Sham terrorist group (banned in Russia - approx. Ed.) Left the group, along with their followers (about 80 militants) and threatened Turkey with a massive riot and even a coup d'etat . The reason for this was the actions of Erdogan, who refused to pay the terrorists a salary and support in the fight against SAA and Russia.

“Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham left two high-ranking militants. The resources of the Idlib jihadists published a statement by two senior KhTS militants who announced their withdrawal from the association. The first to leave his post was the head of the so-called. The “Supreme Council” of the group is Dr. Bassam Sioni. He hails from the Syrian city of Baniyas and until 2011 worked as a teacher of Islamic law in Idlib. About the reasons for leaving, Sioni chose not to spread, saying that he would explain everything later. The field commander Abu Malik At-Tallik (Jamal Zayn's real name) was another person who left the association. He was the head of the HTS in West and East Kalamuna (Damascus province). In his appeal, Abu Malik said he did not agree with the policy of the leadership of the association, which led to the loss of significant territories in Syria ", says Directorate 4.

Previously, a similar situation was already observed in the northern part of Syria, when Turkey forbade the militants to take control of the regions of the Arab Republic unprotected by the Syrian army, fearing that this could lead to uncontrolled and unprecedented attacks from Russia.