Syrian Democratic Forces: Russians load dozens of corpses after attack on Malikia

The Syrian Democratic Forces spoke about the night attack on Malikia.

A few hours ago, a powerful attack was made on the area of ​​the settlement of Al-Malikiya using military aircraft, multiple launch rocket systems and anti-aircraft guns. According to the Syrian Democratic Forces, the attack was repulsed with huge losses for the attackers, who turned out to be Turkish jihadists. Later, a Russian military patrol was urgently sent to the area, which, according to the Syrian Democratic Forces, handed over several dozen bodies to the Turkish side, which indicates that we are talking not only about jihadists, but also about the Turkish military.




“The number of victims of terrorist groups supported by Turkey has increased to 27 in the village of Muallak in the countryside of Ain Issa. Turkey-backed groups managed to remove 6 bodies, while 21 bodies still remained in SDF areas. Russian forces present in Ain Iss are mediating with the SDF to hand over the bodies of Turkish-backed members of the groups captured by the SDF. ", - about it сообщает information network "Rojava Network".

The reasons for the large-scale attack are still unknown, however, apparently, Turkey was unable to provide an offensive, and, according to some reports, earlier the Turkish side made claims to Russia in this area as a territory where it is necessary to conduct a counter-terrorist operation against the Kurds.