Syrian Kurds: US stops Russian military patrol using weapons

The Kurds have stated that they will prevent a shootout between Russian and US military in Syria.

The American news agency “VoA”, referring to an interview with representatives of the Syrian Democratic Forces, reports that as a result of another wave of clashes between Russian and American troops in northern Syria, the case almost came to a shootout and a very serious incident was only possible to avoid Syrian intervention Kurds.

““ Oral fights took place between the two forces and outgrew the use of weapons, but the Syrian Democratic forces intervened as a mediator between them, ”said the monitoring group, adding that Russian forces deployed advanced air defense missile systems at Al-Kamyshli airbase.”- сообщает American edition.

The resource was unable to establish the authenticity of such information, but earlier representatives of the Syrian Democratic Forces (Kurds) have already reported that the cause of serious unrest is the use of weapons by American troops in order to stop Russian military patrols, in particular, speech, most likely , is about opening warning fire.

The Russian and American sides, in turn, a few weeks earlier denied any serious clashes in the northern part of Syria, however, each side expressed serious concerns.

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