Syrian Kurds demand Russia help protect their territory in the northeast of the country

The Kurds, who previously refused the Russian presence in northern Syria, now offer Russia to intervene in Turkey's military operation.

After Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan officially announced the start of a military operation in Syria, and it became known that it could begin within the next 72 hours, the Syrian Kurds unexpectedly turned to Russia demanding assistance in protecting the region from a Turkish attack. . Considering that Ankara's military operation will be carried out on the territory of Syria, the Russian military may well begin to confront the Turkish army. However, experts do not rule out that the Kurds openly want to throw the Russian military into an escalation with Turkey, especially given the fact that Washington is interested in this, which is pushing the Kurds to various kinds of actions.

Syrian Democratic Forces spokesman Aram Khanna announced that they have asked Russian representatives to help negotiate an agreement with the Syrian government to protect the territories they control in the northeast of the country.

In turn, when the Russian side and Damascus promoted the idea of ​​​​deploying Syrian troops in northern Syria, the Kurdish formations refused to do so, however, when there was a threat of a full-scale invasion, the Kurds suddenly wanted to receive Russian and Syrian military assistance.

It should be noted that Russia is categorically against the Turkish military operation in Syria, however, Ankara ignores such protests from Russia.


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