Syrian MiG-29s prevented Israeli F-16s from striking

Russian MiG-29s received by the Syrian Air Force interfered with Israeli F-16s.

Despite the fact that Israel is still continuing to strike at the territory of Syria, it was reported that due to the appearance in service of the Syrian Air Force of MiG-29 fighters, transferred several months ago by the Russian military, the Israeli Air Force was forced to switch to the use of F-15 fighters, since combat aircraft such as the F-16 are weak opponents in relation to the MiG-29.

According to sources, in the latest strikes on Syrian territory, Israel unexpectedly used F-15 fighters, and in recent days, these combat aircraft were seen over Lebanese airspace and at a relatively small distance from the Syrian border, which indicates that the Syrian MiG -29 were able to prevent Israel from carrying out strikes on the territory of the Arab republic.

At the moment, there is no information that Syria raised MiG-29 fighters into the sky to intercept Israeli aircraft, however, the situation today speaks for itself.

“If Israel decided to change its strategy, it means that the IDF is very seriously concerned about something. It is likely that the appearance of new Russian MiG-29s in Syria's armament led to this., - the analyst notes.

On the other hand, neither Iran, nor Syria, nor Russia have so far managed to fully repel Israeli attacks, even despite the fact that relatively few missiles are being fired.

Neither Syria nor Iran nor Russia will be able to prevent Israel from striking its enemies. If there are no strikes, the Iranians will gain a foothold in Syria and may attack Israel. And this should not be allowed in any way. It is a pity that Russia is on the other side of the barricade.