Rocket SAM S-200


Syrian air defenses attack IDF fighters over Israeli territory

Syrian air defense systems again attacked Israeli fighters over the territory of the Jewish state.

Israel attacked Syria again tonight. Most of the cruise missiles were intercepted, but a few more missiles killed six civilians and two soldiers. Nevertheless, it became known that the Syrian air defense systems attacked Israeli fighters with return fire - one of them was nearly shot down in the Haifa region. This is evidenced by the data of the Israeli radio "KAN".

According to Israeli media reports, at least one Syrian anti-aircraft missile managed to break through the area of ​​Israel's air defense systems. Judging by the trajectory of the missile and the zone of attack of the IDF Air Force, it was the Israeli fighter that was attacked. However, it was not possible to shoot down the Israeli fighter - the rocket exploded near Haifa without causing any material damage.

Israel has not yet commented on the attack on its fighters, however, apparently, Damascus is serious about reacting to the IDF attacks.


Anton! You say the truth!!!

But it will not happen, as it has not happened so far, because otherwise the Syrian air defense will simply be destroyed

This only suggests that the rocket could not aim at the target, approach the firing distance of the warhead fuse, respectively, the vertical pull and detonation blocking was triggered.
Those. S-200 Israeli F-16s are too tough

when will it finally happen

Here until they hit a couple or two ... They will not calm down.

the Syrians have every right to defend themselves, only
"I almost got knocked down!"
does not count, and no matter how it goes sideways, the country is too weak and vulnerable

According to Israeli media, two civilians and six soldiers were killed. They don't write anything about the explosion over Haifa. People died from anti-missile fragments.

This is progress. Soon they will start shooting down on takeoff.

Generally, in Israel, rockets flying into the sea are not shot down. So the message about a "breakthrough through air defense systems" may turn out to be too optimistic. On the other hand, there are reports of Syrian civilian deaths from shrapnel from their own anti-aircraft missiles. We wish the Syrian warriors new successes

According to initial reports, one of the Syrian air defense missiles crossed the Israeli border at high altitude. Israeli air defenses tracked the missile, but did nothing as it flew towards the sea. The missiles of the C-200 complex (SA-5 according to NATO classification), which the Syrian air defense systems are equipped with, have a high-altitude self-destruction system. The rocket exploded over the sea without causing any damage. As the press service of the IDF clarified, reports that this happened "in the Haifa region" turned out to be an exaggeration. The explosion took place in the sea northwest of Lebanese Tire.

seriously, how is it?