Shot down a drone


Syrian air defenses shoot down a Turkish drone over Idlib

A Turkish drone was destroyed by Syrian air defenses in the Afrin region.

Syrian air defense systems destroyed an unidentified Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle near Afrin this morning. The type of drone is not named. This is most likely the Bayraktar TB2 drone, which can be used for both reconnaissance and strike.

In the photographs presented, published by local residents, who claim the defeat of the Turkish UAV, you can see the moment of the destruction of an unknown unmanned aerial vehicle. Judging by the large enough cloud of smoke, we are not talking about a small drone, and given the fact that the Turkish Bayraktar TB2s were spotted here a few days ago, the likelihood that this particular drone was destroyed is very high.

At the same time, by the current hour, there are no statements regarding the destruction of the Turkish drone in the skies over Afrin, neither from the Syrian nor from the Turkish military. Considering that Ankara does not coordinate the flights of its drones over Syria with Russia, another uncoordinated drone flight could well have been interrupted by an air defense attack.