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Syrian air defenses gave Israeli F-16s an unpleasant surprise

Against the background of new Israeli strikes expected in the next day, the Syrian army gave the IDF an unpleasant surprise.

About a day ago, Israeli military reconnaissance aircraft were actively flying over the eastern Mediterranean, trying to find targets for the next strikes by the Israeli air force. Nevertheless, the Syrian army decided to arrange an unpleasant surprise for the Israeli military by changing the positional areas of air defense systems in a few hours, thereby preparing for new air raids and strikes against Israeli aircraft.

In the images presented, you can see the reconnaissance carried out by the Israeli Air Force. Such intense flights are carried out, as a rule, one day before the strikes are delivered. Due to the fact that the Syrian air defense systems have already left their positioned areas, Israel has lost the ability to provide electronic suppression, moreover, now Israeli fighters can come under attack, even while in Lebanese airspace.

“It has been known for a long time that Israel is working on predetermined goals, since any“ improvisation ”requires the mandatory presence of fighters in Syrian airspace. By changing the position of their air defense systems, the Syrians were able not only to repel attacks from the most convenient direction, but also to attack enemy aircraft. ", - the expert marks.

I always thought that changing positions is a common practice for air defense air defense systems, but it turns out that the Syrian pvoshniki began to change positions only now))))

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