Syrian C-300 were not ready for the destruction of Israeli aircraft

The Syrian S-300 air defense systems were not ready for strikes on Israeli aircraft.

Despite the information that the C-300 “Favorite” anti-aircraft missile systems are on full alert and even accompanied Israeli fighters in the airspace of neighboring Lebanon, it turned out that in reality these anti-aircraft systems could not hit air targets.

As it turned out, today the C-300 systems are still under the control of the Russian military, which is due to the training of the Syrian military directly at the places of combat service.

"The currently deployed C-300 in Syria are still under Russian command with Russian-Syrian personnel"- said in the message.

On the other hand, the information that the Syrian military has already completed their training means that the C-300 complexes can be put on full alert in the very near future.

Earlier, the Israeli military announced their readiness to destroy the position of the C-300 air defense system in Syria at the earliest opportunity, which the military experts seriously questioned.

We need to bring back the Golan Heights, and then the radar C-300 will detect Israeli aircraft and missiles on time. Now the time of detection is not enough due to the fact that a significant part of flight time falls on a flight in the shadow of the Golan Heights (as I understand it).