Syrian C-300 justified itself: Israeli planes do not even come close

From the moment the Syrian C-300 was taken on combat duty, the Israeli Air Force did not dare approach the borders of the SAR.

Bringing the Syrian anti-aircraft missile systems C-300 "Favorite" into combat readiness has been very effective - the Israeli Air Force has not been at risk of even approaching the Syrian borders for six months already. According to experts, Israel is really convinced that the delivery of C-300 to Syria is not a “fake”, and these complexes pose a serious danger.

Israel’s latest rocket attacks on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic were 21 of January 2019 of the year, resulting in the destruction of several Syrian air defense systems. However, after the Israeli Air Force strikes, it became known that one of the C-300 air defense divisions Favorit was accepted into service, and is now fully prepared to hit any targets within 250 kilometers, which, by the way, affects a number of Israeli military air bases.

“It is impossible to say that Israel really surrendered in front of the S-300, but so far there have been no threatening statements from the Israel Defense Forces, which is clearly alarming. In any case, time is playing against Israel, because after the completion of the training of all officers, and, as a result, the adoption of all the S-300 supplied by Russia, automatically deprives the Israeli military of the chance to do anything. ", - said the analyst Avia.pro.

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