Syrian Air Force


Syrian aircraft attacked Turkish military positions a second time

Syrian fighters inflicted new attacks on the positions of the Turkish military.

Syrian military aviation dealt a new blow to the observation post of the Turkish military. According to the published data, the Su-22 fighter-bomber and the L-39 combat trainer attacked the Turkish military in the area of ​​the Surman observation post. Data on the destruction, injuries and casualties are not provided, however, given the lack of reaction from Turkey, the blow was obviously warning in nature.

According to unconfirmed reports, after the attacks on the Turkish observation post, part of the Turkish military personnel and equipment were evacuated in a north-west direction.

There is information that the cause of the strike at the Turkish observation post in the vicinity of the Surman settlement could be the transfer of weapons and ammunition to terrorists, since the militants left significant supplies of weapons, ammunition and equipment on the ground after leaving Khan Sheikhun - this settlement was released without protracted battles .

At the same time, it is known that the Turkish military sent a warning about the offensive operation and issued an ultimatum, according to which the Turkish military was asked to leave the combat zone, otherwise, Turkey would be fully responsible for the safety of its military personnel.