Explosion in the air


Syrian air defense systems shot down unknown aircraft

Over Syria, shot down by unknown aircraft.

A few minutes ago, the Israeli military resumed an attack on Syria, firing at least four missiles on the territory of this state. However, the Syrian military were able to destroy two unknown aircraft in their airspace.

According to preliminary data, unknown objects were detected by the Syrian air defense systems, moving from the side of the Golan Heights, from where rockets were fired. What exactly the objects in question, so far remains unknown, but initially there was evidence that Israel could use both its military aircraft and balloons, which were also shot down a day earlier by Syrian air defense systems.

According to some information, the Syrian military uses C-300 systems to detect air targets, but at the moment these air defense systems have not received their combat use.

The Israeli side reports successful strikes, but it does not provide any evidence of this, which can only be propaganda, which is especially relevant against the background of the attack that broke off for days.

Shame of Russia. Only they can boast. The blows to Syria are spitting on Russia. Or that the Jews, that the Russians are one people.